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Our team consists of an Advisory Board, Consultants, Student Consultants and Global Workforce Development Advisors. All our Consultants and Advisors are multilingual and multicultural in their experiences and have lived, worked and traveled in different parts of the world during their life time. All our team members have close ties with multiple countries, cultures, educational systems and multinational corporations. They bring these experiences to benefit our clients either as project leaders or as session guests through global technology. These esteemed professionals bring experience and understanding of what is required to transform today’s students into global citizens of the 21st century.

IGC prides itself in the caliber of individuals who grace its Advisory Board. These are senior level educators from US university campuses whose visions of campus transformation a campus from its existing environment to that of an institution of higher education with global perception comes from holding positions as university and/or professional higher education organization presidents, provosts and vice presidents.

Our Consultants are educators. They are veteran strategic planners, institutional researchers, senior level administrators, faculty members and experienced programming and training staff. They are employed at university campuses from around the United States and have joined our IGC team by invitation.  Special among are consultants are our Student Consultants. They are peer educators who have a lot to offer to campus student leaders across the nation as they themselves continue to evolve as global citizens for the 21st century.

Our Global Advisors are professionals from the corporate sector located around the world and understand what it takes to train one’s self to be successful in any corner of the world.

  Sumita Furlong

Dr. Sumita Furlong
Institutional Globalization Consultants (IGC)

Dr. Furlong received her Ph.D. in Educational Administration, Leadership & Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has eighteen years of higher education administration experience spanning Leadership Training of Higher Education and Public Service professionals, Conference Development, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Strategic Planning, Institutional Research, Curriculum Development, Program Development & Management, Training and Development, Grant Development and more. She currently serves as the Executive Director for the South West Center for Human Relations Studies (SWCHRS) http://swchrs.ou.edu/ at the University of Oklahoma. This Center conducts the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) http://www.ncore.ou.edu/ , the nation's premier and largest annual conference on race and ethnicity in higher education.


The Center offers a range of capabilities and services including: providing educational and training programs through special institutes, conferences, workshops, and seminars; developing client-based training programs focusing on cultural diversity, and cross-cultural communication in both educational and workplace settings; developing and disseminating information about various populations and critical issues and concerns that impact their lives; assessing community and institutional problems and formulating policy recommendations; and performing applied community studies, needs and capabilities assessment, and program evaluations.

Prior positions served by her are: Assistant to Provost, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Senior Policy, Planning Analyst and Development Officer, the University of Wisconsin System Administration’s (UWSA); Research & Policy Analyst, UW Systems; Equity & Diversity Research Analyst, UW-Madison; Executive Director, President’s Office for Diversity & Global Initiatives, College of Charleston, among other professional experiences.

Dr. Furlong served as the Diversity Advisor (DA) for NAFSA: Association of International Educators with primary responsibility to move NAFSA’s Strategic Plan objectives forward through guidance of its 25 plus Member Interest Groups (MIGs) with their adherence to NAFSA’s Strategic Plan; serve on different NAFSA Task Forces; and assist other leadership through consultation and training; design and present the Leadership Forum and Diversity Forum annually at national conferences.

  Amita Ghosh

Ms. Amita Ghosh
General Manager
Institutional Globalization Consultants (IGC)

University of Northern Kentucky, USA
University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA
St. Xaviers College, Calcutta University, India

Amita Ghosh has been a human relations professional for the past 13 years.  She has a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and a M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Amita was born and brought up in India. Prior to moving to the United States to pursue her two degrees, she traveled around the world (Africa, Asia, America(s), Australia and Europe as part of her job with Air India. She interacted, on a daily basis, with people from around the globe.  Ms. Ghosh is fluent in Hindi, Bengali and English.

Advisory Board
  Conrad Festa

Dr. Conrad Festa
President, Educonsultants
President, College of Charleston, South Carolina
Executive Director of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
Founder -- The Institute for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the College of William and Mary

Dr. Festa currently serves as the President of Educonsultants, a firm that specializes in university faculty professional development and curriculum development. He also serves as a consultant for the American Governing Boards organization.  Prior to these positions, Dr. Festa served as the President at the College of Charleston, in Charleston, South Carolina.


Some of Dr. Festa’s prior professional positions include: Executive Director of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, Academic Vice President and Provost (Emeritus) at the College of Charleston, Executive Director of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, and as a Professor of English (1987-2001). He has taught and held administrative positions at Old Dominion University in Virginia, including those of Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Letters (1985-1987); Chair of the Department of English (1980-1985); and Professor of English (1961-1987).

Dr. Festa is the founder of The Institute for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at the College of William and Mary and has served as the institute's director since 1978. He is a member of the founding team of the Consortium for Public Liberal Arts Colleges and is a member of accreditation team for Southern Association for Colleges and Schools and for the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. He has numerous publications, academic presentations and academic consultancies and holds several distinguished awards including: Order of the Palmetto (2006); Honorary Doctorate from the College of Charleston (2001); Danforth Fellow (1980); Delta Phi Omega Distinguished Faculty Award (1974); and Modern Language Association Award for Teaching Excellence (1972). Dr. Festa has also provided service to the nation as a member of the United States Navy (1952-1957). Dr. Festa is a graduate of Wheaton College (A.B., Economics, 1952), Cornell University (M.A., Literature, 1960) and University of South Carolina (Ph.D., Literature, 1968).


Dr. Larry Moneta
Vice President for Student Affairs
Duke University, North Carolina

Larry Moneta is the Vice President for Student Affairs at Duke University where he leads the central planning, policy formation, and coordinating agency for the University concerning student issues. Dr. Moneta worked in student affairs on a variety of campuses before joining the Duke community in August 2001, most recently at the University of Pennsylvania as Associate Vice President for Campus Services from 1997 to 2001 and Associate Vice Provost for University Life from 1992 to1997.

He received his Ed.D. and B.S. from the University of Massachusetts and his M.Ed. from Springfield College. In addition to his administrative duties, Dr. Moneta teaches a wide variety of courses, consults for institutions across the country, and presents regularly at conferences and workshops. He is an active member of NASPA, ACPA, and ACUHO-I, serving NASPA most recently as a member of its National Academy for Leadership and Executive Effectiveness Board (currently) and Director of the NASPA Foundation Board (2000). Dr. Moneta’s publications include The Influence of Technology on the Management of Student Services and Future Issues in Serving Students at Metropolitan Universities (both New Directions in Student Services monographs, 1998).

  Norbert Dunkel

Norbert Dunkel

President, ACUHO-I
University of Florida
Co-founder - James C. Grimm National Housing Training Institute
National Award Winner: Presidential Service Award (ACUHO-I, 2005); Grimm Leadership and Service Award (ACUHO-I, 2004); Ken Stoner Award (NACURH, 2004)

Norbert W. Dunkel is the current president of the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I). ACUHO-I has over 900 institutional members in 17 countries serving approximately 1.8 million university students. Dunkel is also the University of Florida’s Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Director of Housing and Residence Education.


As the chief housing officer, he manages a comprehensive campus housing operation that includes business services, residence life and education, administrative services, custodial, maintenance, personnel and payroll, marketing and public relations, and information technology. He oversees 750 employees and an annual budget of $40 million. Campus housing provides accommodations for over 7,500 undergraduates and 1,800 graduate students and their families.

Dunkel co-founded ACUHO-I’s James C. Grimm National Housing Training Institute for 10 years; authored and edited ten books and monographs and over 40 chapters and articles on topics related to campus housing, including the recently published book, Campus Crisis Management (Jossey-Bass). He has served as a consultant at over 20 universities and colleges. His philosophy on global education in Residence Life: “Campus housing is increasingly taking the lead in providing staff training and student education on global issues. Global learning communities are being established in campus housing to enhance the students’ knowledge and participation in global understanding. These campus housing learning communities will play an integral role as institutions prepare students to become citizens in a global market.”



Liliane Koziol

Dr. Liliane Koziol
University of California-Berkeley
Indiana University
University of Madagascar
NAFSA: Association of International Educators
International and Living Learning Center Group Chair
Deputy Honorary Consul of Madagascar for San Francisco, USA

Dr. Liliane Koziol is the Director of Programs at the International House, University of California, Berkeley, and Vice Chair of UC Berkeley International and Area Studies.


In addition, she also serves as the Deputy Honorary Consul of Madagascar based in San Francisco, teach in the UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics/Center for African Studies, and this year have been re-elected as national co-chair of the NAFSA ILC(International and Living Learning Center) SIG. At the International House, she has been instrumental for developing countless innovative programs. She has designed numerous thematically linked multi-and-cross-disciplinary programs with comparative perspectives in collaboration with major units at UC Berkeley and key organizations in the Bay Area. Dr. Koziol is very active in conducting intercultural and diversity training programs that focus on working in a multicultural environment and have, as a result, worked closely with a broad array of ethnic groups. A loyal member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Dr. Koziol has been actively involved in multiple leadership positions in this premier educational organization since 1982.

Born in Madagascar, speaks Malagasy and French fluently and Spanish, German, and Chinese less fluently. She has lived in the United Kingdom, Taiwan and France; received her Ph.D. from Indiana University and has taught English and American Literature at the University of Madagascar as Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of English and Foreign Languages.

In light of her work with NAFSA, specifically as a member of the strategic task force to guide and support the Association in the next few years, she believes that institutions of higher education need to re-articulate the core skills and values of the International Students and Scholar Services as a profession in light of the emerging trends in international education.  She also feels that there is definitely a need to promote the social integration of international students on their campuses and in their communities. Finally, she feels, as educators, we should promote strategies for bringing economically disadvantaged students to the US in an affordable way, especially those from underrepresented or developing countries.

  Johannes Freiesleben

Dr. Johannes Freiesleben
Stanford University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Johannes Freiesleben was born in Husum, Germany and educated in Berufsakademie (Stuttgart, Germany), University of Hohenhelm, Germany, Indiana University-Bloomington (USA), University of St. Gallen Institute for Technology Management, Switzerland, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business (USA).


He has served as the Vice President-Strategic Projects and Analysis Unit for Credit Suisse AG (private banking), Zurich, Switzerland, Head of Strategic Deployment for Ringier AG, Zurich, Switzerland, Cato AG in Hamburg, Germany and Bosch Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Freiesleben has also taught in the Business School at Universidad Catolica de Salta (Argentina), University of Zurich and University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. In 2007 he also began teaching as a Visiting Scholar at the Department for Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, California (USA). To date, Dr. Freiesleben has published papers in 15 leading international journals, presented at numerous international conferences, is fluent in German, English, French and Spanish and has lived, worked and traveled all over the world.


Dr. Ruby Paredes
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
University of the Philippines
University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia

Dr. Ruby Paredes was born in the Philippines and educated at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, MetroManila, and at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in the United State.


She currently serves as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Climate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and as the Faculty Fellow at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at UW-Madison. Her past positions include Assistant Professor in History at the University of the Philippines, Lecturer in History and Politics at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, and Associate Lecturer in History at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Paredes has 30years of professional experience as an educatorand has lived and worked in the Philippines, Fiji, Australia, and the United States. She speaks Pilipino (Tagalog), Ilokano, and English fluently. With her broad experience of higher education internationally she is passionate about the importance of globalizing the education and experiences of our student population. She believes deeply that higher education institutions must transform themselves from primarily meeting local or national societal needs into knowledge-generating and skill-building for an intricately and inextricably interconnected global society.


Dr. Sujit Sinha
CEO and Founder of Swanirwar
Princeton University, USA
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Kanpur, India
Presidency College, University of Calcutta, India

Dr. Sujit Sinha was born in India and educated in India and the United States. He received his Doctoral degree from Princeton University, USA, Masters degree from the IIT-Kanpur, India and Bachelors degree from Presidency College, University of Calcutta, India.  Dr. Sinha is the CEO and founder of Swanirwar, a non-governmental organization (NGO) (http://www.swanirvarbengal.org/) for the benefit of the poor in the rural villages of Bengal, India. This NGO is guided by the philosophy that while development is primarily concerned with people, it must involve the indigenous people of that region.


Towards that goal, it started in 5 villages in Bengal with the development of Education and Health, Organization, Leadership, and Planning, Savings and Income Generation, Appropriate Rural Technology, and Agriculture. Among various other projects, this NGO runs three schools near Andharmanik village in West Bengal and reaches out to a population of about 6000. Apart from imparting primary education, Swanirwar also addresses and educates villagers on healthcare, sanitation, agriculture and numerous other topics. It employs an integrated approach to bringing socio-economic development in the region. Started in 1989, Dr. Sinha’s work, over the years, has spread to 58 villages and was recently nominated to be the District Technical Agency (DTA) to help the government deliver its large scale poverty alleviation program.

Following is a limited list of funding partners and sponsors for Dr. Sinha’s NGO:
UNICEF; Oxfam; Indienhilfe e.V. Herrsching/Germany; Caritas, Milano, Italy; Danish International Settlement Services-DIB, Denmark; Christian Aid, UK; India Friend Association, USA; NLCB-Community Fund, UK; Hilden Trust, UK; South Asian Regional Initiative, India; Share & Care Foundation, USA;The India-Canada Environment Facility; CARE; AID, USA (based out of several American universities); Child Relief & You; ASHA-Madison; DRCSC; Govt. of India, MHRD; Govt. of India, Handicrafts Board; Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin etc. Please click on the link below to learn more about Swanirwar and its partners in development: http://www.swanirvarbengal.org/index.htm

  Chang Yating

Dr. Yating Chang
Vanderbilt University, Purdue University

Network Leader - International Edu Leadership Dev. (NAFSA)
Program Chair: NSF Grantee Conference of International Research and Engineering Education (IREE)
Member, Board of Trustees-Cooperative Center for Study Abroad
Fulbright Advisor & Selection Panelist for Gilman International Scholarship Program


Dr. Yating Chang is currently the Assistant Director of Global Engineering Program at Purdue University. Chang has an MS in Cross-Cultural Psychology and an Ed.D in Higher Education Administration from Vanderbilt University.

Throughout her career, Dr. Chang’s focus has been to increase participation and promote global education among under-represented population in Education Abroad, such as first generation college students, and currently, engineering students at Purdue University. Her main responsibilities at her current position include engagement of both students and faculty members to embrace global engineering mindsets and practices. At Purdue, she raised the participation level 3-fold after joining in her current position. Chang is also very active in professional organizational leadership. Currently she serves as the 2008 Network Leader for NAFSA’s International Education Leadership Development Network; serves in the committee on Under-Representation in Education Abroad; member, Board of Trustees of the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad; a Fulbright Advisor, and a Selection Panelist for the Gilman International Scholarship Program. Chang has offered and organized numerous conference sessions and workshops on global education and training. Born in Taiwan, Chang grew up in Singapore, and has traveled to 26 different countries.

  Mutindi Ndunda

Dr. Mutindi Ndunda
University of British Columbia, Ph.D.
Queen’s University, M.Ed.
University of Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Mutindi Ndunda was born in rural Kenya and educated at the University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, Canada and at the University of Nairobi in She currently serves as an Associate Professor at the Department of Foundations, Secondary, and Special Education, School of Education and Co-Director of the English for Speakers of Other Languages’ grant ($988,000) at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. She teaches Educational Research, Technology for Teachers, Nature of Science and Mathematics.


Her past positions include Math and Science Lecturer at the University of Namibia and Associate Professor at California State University Dominguez Hills.  Dr. Ndunda has 24 years of professional experience as an educator. She has worked and consulted in Kenya, Canada, Namibia and the United States. Her research and consultancy experiences have been in International Development, Science and Math Education and Curriculum Development, Intercultural Communications and Program Evaluation.

Dr. Ndunda has lived and worked in the Kenya, Namibia, Canada, and the United States. She speaks Swahili and English fluently. With her broad experience of higher education, she is passionate about the importance of developing students who are global citizens. She has started a program where students learn about global issues by traveling to Kenya through the Harambee Children’s Project, to build and serve at an orphanage.

  Zoila Airall

Dr. Zoila Airall
Duke University
University of Pennsylvania
Columbia University
Bryn Mawr College
Rutgers University

Dr. Zoila Airall was raised and educated amidst a rich fabric of cultural and global diversity. She received her elementary education in the Panama Canal Zone and high school education in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  She received her higher education from Rutgers University and received two Masters Degrees from Teachers College at Columbia University, New York. And, she received her Doctoral Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Airall currently serves as the Assistant Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs at Duke University in North Carolina. Prior to this position, at the invitation of the President of Bryn Mawr College, she served on that campus as the Director of Institutional Diversity for six years. She also served for twelve years at the University of Pennsylvania in higher education. Dr. Airall’s presence in Student Affairs is not by accident. Students are her first and greatest passion and travel follows as a close second. In these last several years, Dr. Airall’s work in higher education has taken her to Israel, England, Morocco, Spain, and Puerto Rico. She is also preparing for upcoming trips to Eastern Europe in the near future. Dr. Airall is a staunch supporter of campus globalization and believes, as educators, it is our urgent responsibility to prepare our students for their global future through diverse educational methods and environment.    



Dr. Christa Bruhn
University of Wisconsin System Administration
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Universitat Freiburg, Germany
Universitat Erfurt, Germany

Dr. Bruhn currently serves as the Policy Planning Analyst and Strategic Planner for the University of Wisconsin System Administration’s Office of Academic Diversity and Development (OADD).


Christa received her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from UW-Madison in 2004 and holds a Master of Arts in Middle Eastern and North African Studies from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. Prior to joining OADD, Christa worked in the UW-Madison School of Education with the Associate Dean of Strategic Planning. She has had broad exposure to diverse educational settings in the United States, from urban Detroit to rural Vermont, and has gained extensive international experience through her travels, studies, and professional experience in Western Europe, Russia, Germany and Palestine-Israel. Dr. Bruhn is fluent in Arabic, German, French and English.

  Karen Chapman

Karen Chapman, MPA, MSW
College of Charleston
East Carolina University
Appalachian State University
University of Bristol
King’s College, London

Karen Chapman was born and raised in the United States.  Ms. Chapman’s educational credentials include a Masters degree in Public Administration from University of South Carolina, a Masters degree in Social Work from East Carolina University, and a Bachelors degree in Social Work from Appalachian State University. She earned European credits and certificates through the British Credit Earning Programme from the University of Bristol and from King’s College in London. Karen is a traveler and a connoisseur of global diversity.

She has traveled, lived and worked in England, France, Scotland and Ireland. She gained an unique insight into Irish society, for example, as a social worker in Dublin, Ireland from 2002 to 2003. Karen speaks French and English and continues to improve her language proficiency diligently. Ms. Chapman believes that African American students need to search out study abroad opportunities as well as study foreign languages because of the need to expand one’s horizon, gain multicultural and global competency and become truly proficient as a global citizen.


Ms. Gabriella Sanchez
Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico

Ms. Gabriella Sanchez was born and brought up in Mexico City and educated at the Instituto Politecnico Nacional- Escuela Superior de Comercio y Adminisracion. She currently works in the K-12 system at Madison's (Wisconsin) LaFollette High School. Ms. Sanchez has lived and worked in Mexico and the United States and speaks Spanish and English. She understands the struggle one has to go through to acculturate into a culture very different from one’s own in its value system, traditions, language, food habits and every day norms. She believes in the advantages of being multicultural in this global society and tirelessly prepares her own family and student parents as the Chair for the Latino Parent organization at LaFollette High School.


This organization, with its steady participation, has grown larger than the School’s PTSO and has also been recognized multiple times as an exemplary model of a parent organization by the School district. Ms. Sanchez not only believes passionately in the importance of globalizing education and experiences of our student population, but also that of parents’ so that together – students and parents – can raise their expectations from schools and universities.



Student Consultants

  Allen Wright

Allen Wright

The World was once divided by distance, language and culture. War broke the barrier of distance, Commerce the barrier of language. Global Competence will break the barriers of Culture. I am Allen Wright, I am a Student of the College of Charleston, majoring in Political Science. I am currently studying abroad in a Multi-country Program with St. John's University, Discover the World: Europe (Paris, Rome, Salamanca). Our world is driven by global politics and global economics. If we lack global competence, we allow our lives to change at the hands of others. Because of that, we must overstep the barriers of culture, to shape our own lives.


Harry Ratanga

Harry L. Ratanga

Harry was born in Paris, France to parents from Gabonese (West Equatorial Africa) and Portuguese origin. Travel being a passion for his family, Harry lived and visited Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Nigeria, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the U≠nited States and, of course, France.
Harry received his education in a very multicultural environment. He was educated in South Africa, Gabon, the United States and France. As a student in these different countries, he developed a keen understanding of diversity and a very valuable set of global cross-cultural skills that, he believes is the reason he is being courted by the United Nations Organization to join as an analyst.


While studying in the United States, Harry served as the President for AFRICED – an organization that supports the education of the underprivileged students in targeted African countries through its various volunteer and charity work. He also served as the Coordinator for the College of Charleston’s (in South Carolina) first ever simulated Model United Nations Conference to open doors to global awareness and education for his American peers.

In Harry’s experience, the notion of diversity in the United States is still very much associated with the Black vs. White race relations, which, he understands, stems from the nation’s history of slavery. However, he strongly believes, students who are preparing to live as citizens of the 21st century, need to understand diversity in a global concept if they are to succeed. “I believe that an understanding of foreign relations and politics to be essential attribute in today’s world.” He firmly believes that it is in the benefit of all students to get, in one way or the other, a global exposure. It’s a “win-win” situation. Locals and internationals get to open up their views and perspectives, understand the unfamiliar, and learn from each other.



Jamilla Harper

Jamilla Harper

Jamilla is a senior at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been a student leader on campus from her freshmen year. She has served as the President for the Student Union of Multicultural Affairs (SUMA) for several years and has also been involved throughout her college years as a counselor and peer educator for majority and minority students on campus. She has served as a counselor for SPECTRA, a residential program for minority freshmen before they arrive on campus. Jamilla has utilized her time as a student to study abroad in England and Spain and has also traveled to the Dominican Republic multiple times to work with young children at an orphanage. She is currently pursuing an opportunity to join the Peace Corps after her graduation. She believes that minority students, on many occasions, become leaders only of minority student organizations on campus because they fail to see themselves as a leader for all students. In order to see one’s self as a leader, one has to widen one’s own horizon, keep all students’ benefit in mind, and lead for the greater good. She is a strong advocate for global awareness and believes that, while it is very helpful to have opportunities to study and live abroad, one can also become active in these learning by creating global awareness on campus.




Elton McKennedy

Elton McKennedy

Elton resides in Brooklyn, New York but is a native of Spartanburg, South Carolina. He is a Bill Gates Millennium Scholar and completed his undergraduate studies at the College of Charleston in 2006 with a double major in Spanish and Latin American & Caribbean Studies. During his undergraduate career, he studied abroad in Chile, Brazil, and Cuba researching cultural identity and sociolinguistic patterns. He is currently pursing a Master of Arts degree in International Education at New York University and interning in the International Department at MTV Networks with Marketing & Communications. His hobbies include traveling, dancing, and gymnastics. Elton is multilingual and of mixed heritage and received recognitions and awards from students as outstanding counselor, mentor and peer educator.

Global Workforce Development Advisors

Matthieu Carrère, France
Matthieu Carrère is currently living in New Delhi, India, working as an area business manager for AESA Air Engineering, a French-based company. He received his Diplôme d'Ingénieur  (French Engineering degree equivalent of a Master's) from the Ecole Centrale de Marseille, France. He also studied at Singapore's Nanyang Technical University.  He has lived and worked in France, United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany. He speaks fluent French, English and Hindi. To date, he has traveled to twenty-seven countries on six continents.

Arjan va der

Arjan Van der Maarl, the Netherlands
Arjan van der Maarl is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, working for Gemeas. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente and has also studied, lived and worked in the United States and the United Kingdom. He speaks Dutch, German and English and has traveled all over Europe, USA, UK, Canada, South America and Indonesia.


Waiching Li, Hong Kong & China
Ms. Li has lived and studied in Hong Kong, China and the United States. Her field of expertise has been in corporate finance and accounting. She received her Masters degree from the American University at Washington DC and has traveled extensively through Asia and North America. Ms. Li is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Matt Stegmayer

Dr. Matthias Stegmaier, Germany
Dr. Stegmaier is located in Munich, Germany.  He received his education from Universitat Stuttgart, Germany and the United States. He works for the global corporate giant The Linde Group with offices and teams of professionals spread out in 50 countries just for one of its Division, such as Engineering. Apart from Engineering Division, The Linde Group also has Linde Gas, BOC, BOC Edwards, Gist, and Afrox Divisions spread out all over the world. Dr. Stegmaier speaks German, English, Spanish and French and has traveled to many parts of the world. His particular favorites are Costa Rica, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States. Living and working in this global reality, Dr. Stegmaier considers global competency to be one of the foremost skills necessary to succeed in today’s global arena where teams of colleagues are spread out around the world.


Adite Mukherjee
Education: University of Bombay, India

Ms. Mukherjee is the CEO of Searchlight, a recruitment firm that assists many multinational companies that do business in Malaysia, Thailand and India. Her experiences in understanding the skills and knowledge multinational companies seek is critical for understanding the academic planning that today’s student population can follow.
Paul Eppers

Paul Eppers
Paul Eppers works for John Deere with offices in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and UK/Ireland.  Mr. Eppers has two engineering degrees -- in Industrial Engineering and in Agricultural Engineering. He has studied in the United States, Germany and Chile, South America and has lived and traveled in many parts of the
world. He speaks Spanish, German and English and enjoys a cosmopolitan lifestyle. He understands the importance of global competency and advocates that as a necessary skill for today's students who are tomorrow's global citizens.

Carlos Carreno

Carlos Carreno
Carlos Carreño works for Starwood Hotels and Resorts with more than 870 properties in some 100 countries.  Mr. Carreño has studied in Mexico, Canada, and the United States, and was a volunteer teaching computer skills in Namibia.  He received his MBA from Columbia University in New York. Mr Carreño has lived and travelled to over 55 countries. He speaks Spanish and English and enjoys a global lifestyle. Prior to working for Starwood, he worked in Strategic Consulting and Investment Banking in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, and the United States. He understands that to develop a global competency, it is essential to grasp the cultural undertones.


Suvra Das, India
Suvra Das works for ICICI Banking with assets and clients spread out globally.  Mr. Das was educated in India and has traveled to Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and major part of the sub-continent of India. He speaks Hindi, Bengali and English and works with a very diverse clientele from Southeast Asia and India.

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