Campus Globalization Through Perception Transformation  

Why Globalize Campus?

Define Campus Globalization

Why Use Consultants?

      Why Use Consultants?

    • Focused Experience: IGC consultants bring focused expertise specifically for globalization planning that may not be available on campus. Program Directors and staff are often service-oriented professionals who may not be working every day with strategic tools for globalization.

    • Expertise Utilization: IGC consultants have over 60 years of combined experiences in institutional research, strategic planning, training, evaluation, assessment and programming that they use daily for their professional activities.

    • Lowers Cost: With planning, implementation and evaluations for globalization mapped out, your staff trained, and IGC project leader available for consultation, you create a contractual relation that does not require the usual personnel cost or other complications. You save on personnel benefits, training, conferences, evaluations and much more. And, since IGC prides in its work and values return clients, you get high quality work and free consultations for all your future questions.

    • Eliminate Personnel Conflict: Cross campus, cross divisional and cross disciplinary collaborations can sometimes get complicated due to personnel, conflicts and politics. Non bias, third party consultants keep projects on track and conflict free.

    • Consultants with NAFSA Leadership Experiences: Many IGC consultants are also leaders in NAFSA: Association of International Educators and experts in the field of International Education. The acronym NAFSA stood for National Association of Foreign Student Advisors. Currently, this is the premier professional organization for global educators and has a world wide membership of about 10,000. http://www.nafsa.org/
    • Innovative Programming: IGC campus and student programming consultants come from premier institutions. They bring targeted and innovative programming based on Student Affairs and Student Development philosophies and theories for the millennium students and their campus education and service providers.

    • Diversity of Ideas from other Projects: IGC consultants, by virtue of their work with different campuses, bring cutting edge globalization ideas and best practice models for your planning and transformation needs.
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